Monday, March 15, 2010

What have I been doing....

This weeekend was time for Catching up on a little miniature project work at least that was inbetween the beautiful weather. I am working on my Scrapbook store miniature. Of course there is no miniature stuff out there for Scrapbooking so it all has to be handmade and that requires alot of time so this project will be slowgoing and a learn as you go. Here is the wide shot of what I have completed so far. The slatwall is made from chair railing board turned opposite and the paper trays are thick acetate sheets cut down. all the hanging items on the slatwall are held in with pins that were then clipped down and all the hanging items are in plastic. The picture below shows my index finger to show you the scale....

and this is the little
Scrapping table notice the work in progress. It is a real miniature layout with Belles picture. I also created a tape runner and papers from Jillibean soup and even a distress ink pad and pen. I am so way crazy....the floor is wood planking with moulding around the edge. All the furniture is stained medium while I left the floor neutral.
I know I have my other blog and I will try not to duplicate posts between the 2. I put some other posts with a beautiful rainbow pic and some other projects over there too. So pop on over and take a peek. So now it is up to my darling sister to let us know what she has been up to. Happy monday. Angela

Friday, March 12, 2010

Lucky me

Here is my latest design team submission. it is a chipboard book titled Luck Me. I used a cream colored chipboard book from BoBunny and then colored it with ranger color wash inks. that gives it that great tie/dye color washed look. the paper in the book is from the Line Lucky Me. hope you enjoy and feel free to ask any questions or comment! This was posted by cathy even though it says angela- still figuring out those details!!!

Ok... so here I go!

Ok so here I go...... This is my first blog entry ever and I have to so say it is a little intimidating to someone that did not inspire to be a writer ..LOL! I apologize in advance for my grammar and run-on sentences!
Yes my wonderful sister angela or Ange as I refer to her has begged me to enter the world of blogging with her! I guess it can't be that hard to talk about what I love....SCRAPBOOKING! So let's start, my name is Cathy and I have been scrapping for about 8 years. I was also pushed in to doing that by my wonderful sister Ange! See when I started out I was a card maker- stamps mostly and I really did not have any interest yet in the scrappin world... well, 8 years later OMG I could not be more in love with it!!!! See, Ange was always the artist in the family, she took after my mother who had a natural ability to create beautiful drawings and art! As my mother put it (in a very nice way) she didn't know i had an artistic bone in my body till I started my cards and scrapbooking! to be honest I didn't think I did either! But now all that has changed and I believe I am an artist in my own right! See you don't have to naturally be talented, sometimes it needs to be developed and a true enjoyment for something can create more then you can ever imagine! So when people say " I'm not that talented", " I can't do that" I just want to say well, I couldn't before either but now I can! So here is my first entry hope you have enjoyed. :)