Friday, March 12, 2010

Ok... so here I go!

Ok so here I go...... This is my first blog entry ever and I have to so say it is a little intimidating to someone that did not inspire to be a writer ..LOL! I apologize in advance for my grammar and run-on sentences!
Yes my wonderful sister angela or Ange as I refer to her has begged me to enter the world of blogging with her! I guess it can't be that hard to talk about what I love....SCRAPBOOKING! So let's start, my name is Cathy and I have been scrapping for about 8 years. I was also pushed in to doing that by my wonderful sister Ange! See when I started out I was a card maker- stamps mostly and I really did not have any interest yet in the scrappin world... well, 8 years later OMG I could not be more in love with it!!!! See, Ange was always the artist in the family, she took after my mother who had a natural ability to create beautiful drawings and art! As my mother put it (in a very nice way) she didn't know i had an artistic bone in my body till I started my cards and scrapbooking! to be honest I didn't think I did either! But now all that has changed and I believe I am an artist in my own right! See you don't have to naturally be talented, sometimes it needs to be developed and a true enjoyment for something can create more then you can ever imagine! So when people say " I'm not that talented", " I can't do that" I just want to say well, I couldn't before either but now I can! So here is my first entry hope you have enjoyed. :)