Saturday, June 26, 2010

A fanciful twist Tea party 2010 -

Come on in and join us for the Fanciful Twist 2010 Mad Tea party.

Let me check the Guest list....

The party is all set up in the garden room....

The cakes are baked

and the tea is on the way

Now where is the mad hatter.....

Here he comes....
Now where did I put my crown???

Well now to the credits.....
The Book was made for me by a dear swap frind Liesa who can be found at Rosemary Cake.
The Tea party set up is actually miniture Belle and I make. this shot is in our greenhouse/garden room of our miniture house. Belle made the cakes.
The cake is a Bananna, Chocolate chip and Pecan cake made by yours truely.
The teapot is from my collection it is a Cardew Pooh and friends party one.
The wonderful hat is made by my darling daughter Belle. She made the whole thing sewing, wire frame butterflies and all.
My crown is another wonderful item made by my swapping buddie Liesa at Rosemary cake.

We hope you have enjoyed yourself and please take a cup of tea and slice before you go. thanks for dropping in.
Angela, Belle and Cathy

Thursday, June 24, 2010

What a nice surprise! -Posted by Angela -UK

The other day I received this nice little package in the mail and we all like getting little surprises right? It was from Hope over at Pixie's Ponderings just as a thankyou for following her blog! Now how nice is that! It was a neat little napkin with all kinds of birds(this will be great with some of my projects) and a nice little tag card. Thank you Hope !

I also got a nice little surprise at school from one of the teachers I work with at school. For those that don't know I volunteer a few days a week at the local village school with the infants class (pre-1st grade in USA terms) Now all three of these grades are in one classroom and the teacher has to have multiple lesson plans for all the grades. I give the teachers alot of credit because it is very hard work. I really enjoy helping out in there and last week I happened to be needed there all week long. The teacher gave me this wonderful little bug box as a thank you for helping. Now it was a bug box for a reason. That week on Friday we went out to the nature area and studied what animals live in that environment(mostly bugs), hence the lady bug.

So as you can see I have been blessed with alot of kindness this week and in return for that my Sister and I would like to give out a little kindness. So if you leave us a comment we will enter your name in a drawing for a nice little surprise! Just as a thank you for being kind! We will draw the winner on July 1! Hope you have a wonderful week. Angela