Thursday, June 24, 2010

What a nice surprise! -Posted by Angela -UK

The other day I received this nice little package in the mail and we all like getting little surprises right? It was from Hope over at Pixie's Ponderings just as a thankyou for following her blog! Now how nice is that! It was a neat little napkin with all kinds of birds(this will be great with some of my projects) and a nice little tag card. Thank you Hope !

I also got a nice little surprise at school from one of the teachers I work with at school. For those that don't know I volunteer a few days a week at the local village school with the infants class (pre-1st grade in USA terms) Now all three of these grades are in one classroom and the teacher has to have multiple lesson plans for all the grades. I give the teachers alot of credit because it is very hard work. I really enjoy helping out in there and last week I happened to be needed there all week long. The teacher gave me this wonderful little bug box as a thank you for helping. Now it was a bug box for a reason. That week on Friday we went out to the nature area and studied what animals live in that environment(mostly bugs), hence the lady bug.

So as you can see I have been blessed with alot of kindness this week and in return for that my Sister and I would like to give out a little kindness. So if you leave us a comment we will enter your name in a drawing for a nice little surprise! Just as a thank you for being kind! We will draw the winner on July 1! Hope you have a wonderful week. Angela

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  1. What beautiful presents Angela. I understand you can do many things with napkins, but I have never tried any of these myself. The bug box is gorgeous and will make a happy reminder of a busy, rewarding week. Thank you for your generosity in providing candy. :-) xx