Thursday, October 7, 2010

Easy Beaded Embellies tutorial.

These little beaded branch embellies are great for accents with flowers or really anything. I have posted here 2 tutorials, one for the branches and one for flourishes, they are both very simple and can be altered to fit any needs.

Using very thin floral wire and medium and small seed beads, string first medium pearl bead to center of wire.
Twist the wire by holding the bead in your fingers and spinning or twisting it.

when you get desired branch length then separate wires bending one side up.
String on miniature seed beads, I used approximately 10. This can vary per your design.

Loop wire around and pinch together at base when to desired length.
Holding down were the wire meets the stem with one hand then holding the bunch of seed beads in the other twist them until the wire is twisted to the stem.
Now Bend up other piece of the wire and repeat on this side with the same amount of seed beads.
Now repeat the same steps again with the pearl beads this time making the branches a bit longer.

When you have enough branches then twist the base wires together to finish the piece off.

Part II Making beaded swirl flourishes

First start with a medium seed bead or pearl(I used a pearl bead). String it through the tip of the thin floral wire and bend just enough wire around bead to hold it in place.

Now string your tiny seed beads onto the wire to the desired length of the small flourish.

Loop a small bit of the wire and then twist the remaining up to the bottom of the first chain of beads.

String your second set of small seed beads to a larger length then the first.

Add your medium bead and wrap wire around it then trim off excess.

Shape Flourishes as desired by bending the wire in an arch or swirl pattern.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you have any questions please just email. If there are any other types of tutorials you may want to have me post please just leave us a comment and I will try to post them. Have a wonderful day. Angela

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  1. Great tutorial Angela your photos were so comprehensive I didn't need to read the instructions. Must have a go with some seed beads, maybe for Christmas (mojo has gone walkabout big time at the mo) might just about feel like making something by then. Have a fantastic weekend. :-) xx