Saturday, November 20, 2010

My paper piecings

I was going through my photos for updating the blogs and found some of my paper piecings I had created. All the animals are done with mulberry papers and inks and fashioned after pets from photos people sent me. the characters are all hand drawn and then made from paper scraps and such. Just thought i would share some of my favourite things to do. This is my favourite of all the dogs I have done. Its all mulberry paper.
This was a bird I had done.

A paper peicing on a western style page layout.

A paper piecing from a christmas page.

These 3 bears were designed by me for a halloween page.

This was one of my favourite paper peicings I did. I love making pirate related pages.

this paper piecing was on a page I did entiled "Butterfly Kisses"

These bears I did for a Wizard of Oz layout. I liked the scarecrow best.

and these were another set of Halloween bears I did.

This is another of my favourite paper piecings.

This page was entitled Moo-vie night.

This is one of my pet paper piecings. The photo is behind.

And the other part of the pair.

This was a poodle.

and a kitten mulberry paper piecing I did.

another poodle.

This little one I did on a christmas page.

A collie I did(One of the first).

Another cat.

A paper piecing of 2 sisters for a sisters layout I did.

One I did fashioned after Belle(actually I used her as a model in alot of the little girl ones.)

Another dog with the photo.

Another one from a dog layout.

A Husky.

This poor guy was hard to do.
My paper piecings are just another creative outlet for me. The tearing and cutting is great when things get stressful. I can just sit while watching TV or waiting for Dancing lessons to finish and make them. thanks for stopping in for a peep. Have a wonderful day. Angela


  1. These are AWESOME Angela. You really must do an easy tutorial of how to do the bears. I think you should take commissions for your work. I'm sure there are lots of people who would love you to make a picture (so life like) of their pets. Your work ROCKS (excuse the new word of the day but it fits). :-) xx

  2. Your sooooo good at these dogs! Love my Maltese!
    Hugz, Z

  3. Have just looked through your paper piercings.... they are amazing and the likeness to the animals is incredible.